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  • Made from Polyveen, an environmental friendly 
    material of the highest and finest grade.
  • Exclusively processed with remarkable color 
    consistency, durability and strength.
  • Polyveen can mimic the NATURAL beauty, character 
    and vibrant colors of wood, wicker, wrought iron, 
    stressed rusted metals, rattan, bamboo, etc.
  • Polyveen is a recyclable, fire resistant, 
    maintenance-Free, easy to clean, hygienically safe and sanitary synthetic material.
  • Polyveen is UV protected and resists damage by rain, sun, salt water, snow and sleet.
  • Artistic and creative designs to satisfy the meticulous 
    and discerning markets.
  • Wide choices of attractive colors to match the critical 
    demands of the industry.
  • Hand-made by expert CRAFTSMEN.


Rain or Shine offers a range of furniture that resists the elements. Using the proven traditional methods of construction, but with modern synthetic materials that imitate the texture and feel of natural products, we have achieved our aim of producing an all-weather, durable product. Furniture capable of withstanding tropical sun, rain, sleet or snow without damaging the surface of the furniture. In addition to standard product range, we will make furniture to your specific design or needs.